Why Does My Chest Hurt Why Does My Chest Hurt When I Eat Or Drink?

Why does my chest hurt when I eat or drink? - why does my chest hurt

Lately, when I have a sharp pain in the sternum.
It feels like an attack gallbadder, but he still has one.
Recently, in the last month every time you eat or drink, my chest get tight and painful. Even swallowing saliva, I get pain. I must say that I am only able to eat and drink slowly. I still have a good year and have now lost 80 pounds. Can someone tell me why even damage to drinks?


Vera Gabriele said...

Then immediately consult a doctor and a gastroscopy .. a small tube is .. the size of a straw .. She can not eat, drink, or for 8 hours before the test, how can this be done .. This small tube is inserted through the mouth into the esophagus .. (Esophagus) .. could inflame the esophagus and is located directly behind your heart .. Pain is not clearly linked to heart pain .. It is very likely that you have a stomach ulcer .. Gastroscopy to see if your stomach and esophagus is not good and needs to be placed on a special diet .. now .. It is also possible to have an attack of gall bladder .. That can happen to anyone, but more in women than in men aged 40 years or over 40 and overweight, slightly overweight were more likely tThin women are .. The tightness of the chest suggests that their contracts of the esophagus by swallowing every .. Your esophagus can be inflated gastroscopy know that .. connected to a microscope and the lower esophagus into the stomach and duodenum, in his .. see in cases of duodenal ulcer, rather than a stomach ulcer .. and checked for kidney stones ... and it is an emergency ... please contact your doctor immediately see .. The test is painless .. they feel only a slight gag reflex, when the tube was directed at a specific point in the throat .. Therefore, it is important that you should not eat or drink before the test .. It is not painful .. just a little uncomfortable, I had a gastroscopy performed 4 times .. everything will go well and FIND What is ... and if you have gallstones, which do the same .. You now have the laser surgery .. uninvasive way to remove gallstones, if you have more .. Call your doctor and decide whether it is the control gallstones first or make an appointment for a gastroscopy .. They say not to eat or drink before this test ... at least 8 hours before .. without eating or drinking .. You can eat or drink after that was done ..

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